Submitting a Support Request

When you’re unable to find a relevant article within our Help Centre, our Support team is here to help.

Support Requests can be submitted for technical issues, configuration requests, feature requests, or questions specific to your organization’s Wicket configuration.

To submit a request:

  1. Visit the Wicket Help Centre
  2. At the top of the page, click “Submit a Support Request”
  3. Fill out the request form using your work email address. This ensures your request will be connected to your organization and allows your coworkers to see your submitted requests as well.

When filling out a request, please include:

  • Subject: Briefly describe the issue or your question
  • Description: Fill out as much information as available, including an identifying number or primary email address should your issue be related to a specific user profile. Note: Never include passwords or credit card numbers in a request.
  • Request Type: Select one of the options How-to/Question, Technical Issue, Configuration Request, or Product Feature Request. If you’re unsure, select the option that most closely matches.
How-to / QuestionA question on how to use a specific Wicket feature.
Technical IssueA problem with how Wicket is expected to function. This could include a bug you have identified or an issue with how an integration is functioning.
Configuration RequestA request to update a core configuration within Wicket that is not available through Wicket’s Admin Panel.
Product Feature RequestA request for a new feature or a feature enhancement of Wicket or a Wicket integration.
  • Priority: Identify the priority of your request from Routine to Urgent.
PriorityUse for requests that are…
RoutineRoutine and not time sensitive, such as how-tos and new feature requests.
NormalAn inconvenience but there is a workaround available for now.
HighTime sensitive and preventing you from completing a task and no known workaround.
UrgentRelated to a service outage or is resulting in a major business impact.
  • Attachments: If screenshots or other supporting files are available, they can help our team answer a question or identify an issue more quickly. Upload any files you have available.
  1. Submit your support request

If this is your first time submitting a support request to Wicket, you will receive an email asking you to create an account for the Wicket Help Centre. If you have an existing Wicket Help Centre account, no login is required to submit a request.

When your ticket is received you will receive an email confirmation including your details provided in the form as well as a unique request number. A member of our support team will reach out to you based on our targeted response times.

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