Our Values

  1. How can we help?
    At the end of the day, we are one team working towards the same mission. When a colleague is struggling, we rally to pitch in however we can.
  2. Be the same person at work as you are at home (because you are at home).
    We want you to feel that you are making an impact, that you are valued, and are proud of the work you are delivering, all while still being yourself. We hired you because you’re YOU, and we like you.
  3. Speak up, we’re listening.
    We’re deliberate about creating a safe space for giving and receiving feedback; open communication is critical to our success.
  4. Go ahead and laugh!
    Sometimes we can’t stop (no really, it can be an issue). This is part of what makes us want to do this every day. After all, we’re just trying to have a good time. So feel free to laugh.
  5. Learn as we go; go as we learn.
    Wicket is inventing a new way for associations to work. To do that we have to learn. We need to learn new tools, new technology, new processes and new ideas. So we will take time to learn and take time to teach each other what we have learned.
  6. Think things through.
    We’re very thoughtful and deliberate in our decisions that impact others. This should be felt by colleagues and customers and should be noticed through our code, design and all human interactions.

Life at Wicket

Remote Today, Remote Tomorrow

We’re a remote-first company and hire from anywhere in Canada. Before you start, we’ll ship you the equipment you need, including a Macbook, so you’re set up with the optimal remote workstation. If you don’t have space at home, we’ll pay for a seat at a co-working space in your city or town.

Investing in Equal Opportunities

We’re dedicated to providing equal opportunities for all. We work closely with DEI experts to ensure Wicket is a safe and welcoming space for team members regardless of their gender identity, race, cultural background, sexual orientation, age, abilities or disabilities.

Commitment to Learning

Everyone in the company has a $500 annual budget to spend on books, courses, workshops, etc., for professional development. To ensure our employees also have the time to focus on learning, we provide them with four days per calendar year to dedicate to professional development. Once a quarter, we’ll also put our process and product roadmap on ice for Hack Week so we can focus on experimenting, creating, and learning.

Culture Beyond an Office Space

We’re always listening. Ensuring everyone has a voice and can talk things through is important to the culture at Wicket. We’re dedicated to maintaining connections through quarterly reviews, town halls, team and company retrospectives, bi-weekly 1:1s, and weekly Zoom Socials featuring trivia, contests, and workshops.

Employee Stock Options

Each full-time employee is given stock options when they join the team. We’re a startup, so everyone’s contributions impact the future of the company. Together we share the same goal of bringing our product to its highest potential. Our success is shared at Wicket.

Health & Wellness

We value our team’s wellbeing. We offer comprehensive health benefits including dental, vision, paramedical, prescriptions, and out-of-country care. We provide each employee with a $500 annual budget to spend on fitness memberships, equipment, sports fees, etc. In addition to vacation, employees have access to Life Days for anything requiring time away from work, and we participate in company-wide office closures so our team can collectively take time to recharge.

Our Hiring Experience

We recognize this is an important decision – for both of us. We want to take time to get to know one another and ensure we’re a great fit. This is what you can expect during our hiring process.

Job Openings

Wicket is home to problem-solvers, creatives, number-crunchers, and dreamers. We wholeheartedly believe in making peoples’ lives easier, and that philosophy ripples through everything we do. We’re also a nice group of people who love laughing together. If this sounds like you, then you should come work with us.

"I wasn't sure what to expect when working at a startup, but Wicket continues to grow while keeping an excellent work-life balance. We get to work with cool technology every day and help leading-edge associations manage their membership in a brand new way."
Ryan Customer Support Manager
"My favourite part about working at Wicket is the supportive and collaborative teamwork - everyone pulls together and focuses on providing a great experience for our clients, while helping each other to learn new skills and take on new challenges."
Tracey Implementation Specialist
"Wicket allows you to explore. Not just in the work you do, but through Hack Weeks (every quarter!) and pairing on technical problems. It is truly the best learning environment I have experienced."
Steve Executive Technology Strategist
"It has been incredible to work at Wicket! Everyone is passionate about the product and delivering quality work to our customers. The collaboration internally and with customers allows Wicket to continue to be innovative in the association space. I am excited to see what the next few years brings!"
Niruja Product Manager

We don’t mean to brag, but…

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Best Workplaces for Inclusion 2021
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