A Member Data Platform will help you break down data silos so you can focus on the bigger picture: member intelligence.

If you’re currently or have used an AMS, you’re probably already feeling data pains. With a traditional AMS, there’s a module for everything. The problem with modules, however, is that they’re not as easy to use or as powerful as best-in-class software. AMS solutions tend to have a broad offering, but the features and capabilities are shallow, leaving users with substandard tools compared to what’s available today. As teams branch off and start using the right software for the job, suddenly, your data is siloed across several different tools. You might understand how to optimize subject lines when sending emails, but do you holistically understand how your members are engaging? Can you predict how they will engage in the future? If you’re using an AMS today, probably not.

Wicket, your Member Data Platform (MDP), is here. With Wicket, you can break free from modules; use any software you want, and Wicket will integrate with them all to keep all of your data in one place. Each tool you use will write rich data back to Wicket as touchpoints. In most cases, two-way synchronization will also ensure that Wicket syncs data back to each integrated tool, ensuring that your member data is always up-to-date.

When you have a single source of truth and all of your data connected, you will start seeing the bigger picture and start focusing on member intelligence.

What is member intelligence?

Member intelligence is the gathering and analysis of holistic member data. It means you understand what your members have done, what they’re currently doing, and are able to be predictive about what they’ll do in the future. This not only helps you make better data-driven decisions, but it also helps your members feel like you know them because your organization has the full story of their journey from touchpoint to touchpoint and can communicate with them from this standpoint. An MDP is explicitly designed to facilitate this because it integrates with all of the tools you use to ensure you have all of your data in one place.

What are the benefits of member intelligence for your organization?

Improve personalization

Your members have highly personalized experiences all the time online, and they expect the same from you. When you’re using an MDP, you’re able to build relationship memory with members. Because you can see across all touchpoints, you can start pinpointing what’s important to which members. Perhaps you begin noticing a segment of members who respond well to a specific email topic are also attending more events. You can start recognizing their interests and offering online courses around those topics.

Members shouldn’t feel like they’re telling you something twice. With an MDP like Wicket, they never have to again. When your members update any of their profile information in one application (email, address, name), Wicket will automatically update that with the rest of your applications as well. You can automatically keep your member data up-to-date everywhere.

Pinpoint your ROI

You might have several member engagement strategies on the go, but do you know holistically which efforts are helping you achieve your goals? It’s easier to determine which strategies are making a sizeable difference in your members’ engagement levels when you’re looking at the big picture. Perhaps some of your strategies are redundant or aren’t driving real change when analyzed against your goals. When you have all your member data in one place for analysis, you’re enabled to get the right insights about which strategies are working with your members and which strategies aren’t worth the investment.

Having member intelligence at your fingertips will also empower your organization to make the right decisions quickly. When your team can act on member intelligence, they can start making decisions powered by accurate data. You can begin tailoring all of your products and communications to precisely what your members want.

See changes as they happen

Member intelligence through an MDP means that you can know what your members need in real-time. You can start seeing trends across touchpoints as they happen so that you can address them as quickly as possible. We’re also working on an exciting new feature, Member Engagement Scoring. Wicket’s member engagement algorithm will allow you to track key engagement indicators across all of the software integrated with Wicket. Members will have scores that identify their level engagement across all touchpoints so that you have a clear picture of engagement levels and can see if any of your touchpoints start trending down. Showing your members that you’re catering to their needs, and quickly solving problems is a great way to boost member loyalty.

Visualize your member intelligence data to get the full picture

Member intelligence is best used when it’s accessible to everyone on your team. Integrating your MDP with a visualization tool, such as Klipfolio, allows you to keep a close watch on your KPIs and metrics. Create a dashboard that’s automatically populated with your data from Wicket and start telling a compelling story about your members to your entire team. With Wicket as your single source of truth, you can connect it to a powerful visualization tool once and visualize it forever. Start automating your member intelligence analysis process and empower your team to make the best choices for the people who matter most — your members.

Seeing is believing

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