Wicket was born in the creative labs of a digital workshop in Canada, Industrial. The team at Industrial are experts at building websites, web applications, and thrive on integrating web-based systems using APIs. They’ve been doing so for over 18 years, watching first-hand the evolution of the internet.

Industrial’s team had seen their clients struggle with large, monolithic CRM and AMS (Association Management Software) systems. These systems were always doing too much…a module for everything and anything, but always the worst at each task.

That’s when we said:

Why not leverage the most amazing tools, instead of trying to pack dozens of modules into one application?

And from that question, Wicket was born. Wicket was built by the Industrial team starting in 2015, with a goal of providing customers with a smart platform to hold their data, specifically built to integrate with other great platforms through a robust API.

We’re led by a great team of Wicketeers.

Jeff Horne

Co-founder & CEO

Laura Mindorff

Co-founder & COO

Rob Villeneuve


Steve Barry

VP, Data Services, Security + Privacy

Melissa Cowell

General Manager, Services

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