What does SAC use Wicket for?

  • Membership Database
  • Onboarding and renewing members
  • Unified member experience
  • Data-driven decisions

What integrations do they use?

  • MailChimp
  • Eventbrite
  • Moneris
  • Drupal

Speech-Language & Audiology Canada (SAC) is a driving force among associations in Canada. Speech-language pathologists, audiologists and communication health assistants are represented and empowered by SAC.

Being the national voice for three professions and thousands of members and associates is a great responsibility a responsibility that SAC excels at.

“We are completely membership-driven. Our members and associates choose to join SAC so that means that our value proposition needs to be really meaningful to them,” explained Chief Operating Officer Jessica Bedford.

Naturally, SAC puts the experience of members and associates at the forefront of everything they do. When it comes to their online properties, SAC is laser-focused on providing the best possible user experience for their members and associates.

“We need to make sure all touchpoints are easy and exist only to make the professional lives of our members and associates easier,” Bedford added.

Before Wicket

Before switching to Wicket in 2017, SAC used a different membership database that had members and associates logging in for member only content in one location and a different place entirely to update profiles and pay membership fees. For a membership-driven organization, this just wasn’t going to fly. To compound this, SAC staff were struggling with managing an inefficient member database.

“The user experience of the system we were using before was clunky. It wasn’t intuitive for members and associates,” she said. “The membership department was also spending time on processes that could have been streamlined. There was a lot of manual effort when there didn’t need to be.”

What impact has Wicket made?

Time to process a new member or associate before Wicket

15 minutes

Time to process a new member or associate after Wicket

30 seconds

A better way

After completing a massive website redesign, SAC knew they needed a membership database that would support their growth as an organization. SAC chose Wicket’s membership database solution for its ease of use, ability to integrate with their favourite tools and data reliability.

SAC quickly saw the benefits of Wicket for both their membership and the efficiency of their team:

“Before, onboarding a member was a drawn-out process. Now the time it takes to onboard has significantly decreased.” Bedford said. “We’re using Mailchimp more effectively now too because Wicket is tying all the data together. We have much more streamlined processes for a number of different departments.”

In fact, processing a new member or associate used to take 15 minutes with SAC’s old database. Processing a new member or associate with Wicket now takes 30 seconds.

One of SAC’s most significant challenges before Wicket was the lack of reliability in their membership data. They didn’t feel like they were seeing the whole picture which made it difficult for them to make data-driven decisions for their membership. Today, Wicket helps drive how SAC empowers its members and associates.

“Wicket has helped us better understand our membership. We’ve reevaluated some of our strategic priorities from what we learned.”

Q: What advice would you give another association who is in a similar position you were before you started using Wicket?

“I know that moving to something new and different is not without risks, but we made a very calculated and strategic decision … we believe in the philosophy behind Wicket.”

Jessica Bedford, Chief Operating Officer — Speech-Language & Audiology Canada (SAC)

Seeing is believing

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