Boost your member engagement data with Wicket’s Discourse integration. 

Discourse is an open-sourced online community platform. With searchable discussions, your members will have access to a self-service hub for their common questions and ideas. Discourse’s Automatic Trust Levels assign a score to each member based on their engagement levels. Other members can quickly see who has a trusted reputation in the forum, and you’ll spend less time moderating the conversations.

Unify your member experience with SSO

Tired of updating and maintaining several member lists? We would be too. That’s why with Wicket’s Discourse integration, we made sure you’d get two-way synchronization. If your member updates any profile data in Discourse, that will be automatically updated in Wicket as well. As your single source of truth, any updates to member data in Wicket will appear in the rest of your suite of tools as well.

Never worry about manual updates 

With Wicket’s single-sign-on, members will use one username and password for all of the online experiences your organization offers. When members access Discourse, they’ll be logged in automatically if they’re already logged into your site. As a result, members enjoy a seamless experience that lets them focus more on conversations and less on the tools that facilitate them.

Create member groups, and just do it once 

If you currently use member groups, your life is about to get a lot easier with Wicket and Discourse. Discourse supports private spaces for forums that are restricted to certain types of members. When you create your member groups in Wicket, Discourse will automatically pull in that information for you so that you can set and forget it. When your member groups are already in Discourse, it’s easy to create private spaces and get your members talking! 

Put your member data to use 

With Wicket’s Touchpoints feature, you’ll be able to pull all of the rich data on posts and replies from Discourse. You can then compare your discourse data to all of the other data from every other channel your member interacts with. If you want to see how engaged members are after taking an online course, you can!

With Discourse, you’ll be able to see what members are really engaged in your organization. You’ll also see what questions and topics are most important to them. When you connect Wicket, you’re getting the whole picture.

When you add Discourse to Wicket, you’ll get it all. 

  •  Single-sign-on for members
  • When members update their profile in Discourse, their data is updated in Wicket and throughout the rest of your digital channels (and vice versa)
  • Set member groups in Wicket and automatically have those appear in Discourse
  • Compare Discourse member data to all other touchpoints in one place: Wicket

Discourse and Wicket in Action

Add all members to Wicket, assigning members to groups.

Members login, using single-sign-on, and see the forums based on the groups they belong to.

Members update their profile information in Discourse and, seamlessly, it’s updated in Wicket. Once that data is in Wicket, it’s updated in the rest of your digital products as well.

As members post content and reply in Discourse, the data is fed back into Wicket so that you can cross-compare data across all member touchpoints.

Seeing is believing

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